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What is my Process?

Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process. LEAP!

Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process. LEAP!

It is a process that is remarkably like what I went through with Flight Simulators. Long before we ever jumped into a jet for real, we went through exhaustive simulations in a simulator where if we screwed up, we would not really crash a multi-million-dollar aircraft or kill crew members the Navy spent millions training.

There are two Defining Moments we must realize.

  1. The money you hold today will “very likely” not purchase more in the future.
  2. With the way the government is printing money, we are “very likely” in a lower tax bracket today than we will be in the future.

My Financial Simulator allows us to look at what you are currently doing and do a simulation to show you where you will be 5, 10, 15 years or at retirement. If we do not like the result we get to engineer and rerun the simulation to potentially get a better result. I equate the process to building modern day Castles then protecting the Castle with modern day Moats.

My Proposal is this. 

My Proposal is this. 

When combined with your own potential, I can help you do the following:
  • Find strategies that could increase your money supply
  • Find better benefits for you and your family
  • Reduce the elements of risk
  • Reduce future taxes

You may achieve these goals without spending one more dime than you are already spending.

What you see and what I see could be much different. What you do not see is what can be problematic. Just like when I was flying fighters in “dog fights” what you did not see is what could get you killed.

Back in medieval times wealth was accumulated and stored in castles! What did the owners of that wealth do to protect the Castle? They built Moats and the wider, the deeper the better. Today our wealth is stored in banks, Real Estate, financial institutions, etc. Left on its own our wealth is subjected to eroding factors. Taxes, Fees, Inflation, regulation, risk, Depreciation of the dollar. All are eating away at our wealth. Just like Castles needing moats for protecting ancient wealth. We need modern day moats to protect our wealth from fiscal eroding factors. That is what I do. I help you seek protection and growth by building you a modern a day moat. Learn how by contacting me at go to my website to review some of the strategies: to learn to think a layer deeper. or call 619-548-0965 to schedule an online discovery Phone call. It is just a conversation.

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