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David Elhoff

David Elhoff

Registered Principal

The experience growing up on a farm taught me the ethic of hard work. It also taught that you cannot do it on your own. Sometimes you could divide tasks and conquer. Other times required a team effort, uncles, aunts, cousins and neighbors and hired men had to pitch in to complete the work.

The High School experience with the participation in sports, music, drama gave a perspective that there is not just one path to enjoying life.

College experience of studying the sciences and approaching life from the scientific approach taught me to ask questions and collect information, before making decisions. Running track, I used the hard work ethic from the farm to do the long workouts every day. Whether it was to go out and run 10 miles or doing 12 quarter mile repeats to build up your endurance. At a typical track meet I would run 2 half mile legs on relays then an open mile run and finish with an open 3-mile run.

Navy training taught me you need to pay attention to details. Memorizing check list, keeping an active look out doctrine, pay attention to the airplane and fly the airplane first. With the radar, electronic countermeasures, radio communication and missile launch scenarios in your control, you had to be able to multi-task but keep focused on individual tasks as well.

One of my life experiences was what I learned about music from High School. Music always moved me. I later in life pledged to learn the Guitar fretboard. I joined a Blues Jam and learned that sometimes you must embarrass yourself and go back to the woodshed and work it out. From that jam I started an 8-piece show band playing Old school R&B, Motown, Pop and Rock with my wife as lead singer. Getting eight musicians on the same page playing the right arrangement really taught me coordination and integration of talents. I use these skills to Macro Manage my client’s other advisors to complete a process to help manage their potential Wealth.