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Why Traditional Thinking Fails to Reach Its Goals?

June 28, 2017

It is my opinion that in order to improve our lives I believe it is necessary to enlist a new thought process. The ten defining moments is a simple yet effective thought process that was designed to help you analyze your current situation and help create more options and opportunities in your life.

Many people are finding it difficult to get ahead in today’s financial world. I would like to share with you why I feel “getting ahead” and meeting life’s financial goals remain elusive to many. The reality is that right from the beginning; the deck is stacked against you.

I am not going to blame all the professionals in the financial services industry as there are many highly trained professionals out there. Some are better than others. Their job is very difficult because, whether they understand it or not, the deck is also stacked against them. If you need the services of a professional you might be better off working with one who can explain the challenges that both of you face. Traditional planning and thinking is not a science. If it were, no one would lose money. I feel it is far more important to use a common sense and logical approach in the attempt to secure your financial future. Even then it will be difficult to achieve your goals. You have to take a much deeper look at why this is such an elusive challenge.